Leadership Management & Supervision

Build The Program That Is Best For You

We offer a dynamic, challenging, and full-spectrum learning environment that is perfect for your short-term and long-term needs. It includes phased seminars, perfect for small or large groups which promise to be motivating and rewarding. We use individual coaching & assessment tools, group activities, profiling instruments, and interactive discussions to stimulate personal growth.

Please review what we offer in each of these four component areas of “Leadership Journey”: Supervision Essentials, Leadership Development, Coaching Tools, Developmental Assignments
SUPERVISION ESSENTIALS & MANAGEMENT TRAINING For new and upcoming frontline supervisors
LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Leaders need to stay on top of their game
Coaching is essential to unleash full human potential.
They make every topic meaningful, interactive, and enables higher learning.
DEVELOPMENTAL ASSIGNMENTS These opportunities will broaden one’s scope and knowledge.

We are willing to work with your HR Department to custom-build a strategy that works for you.Here are a few examples of options:

  • Mentoring experiences (interviewing managers or executives)
  • Shadowing experiences (with higher-level manager/executive)
  • Cross-training assignments (short-term, peer-to-peer)
  • Long-term Developmental assignments (30-60 days)
  • Reading leadership books
  • Team project (work with other participants on a meaningful project)