Coaching Techniques



Coaching Techniques                                                                

(Achieve Effective Leadership)                                                                                                                   


Want to inspire peak performance within your team? In today’s workplace, your coaching skills are essential to increase individual performance.  Every employee can reach higher levels of performance whether they are your average or best employee.  Coaching is definitely the way to go to maximize employees’ individual effectiveness.


How participants will benefit:

  • Integrate coaching into your daily interactions.
  • Communicate the significance of each employee’s contributions.
  • Learn tried-and-true coaching techniques and various tactics to fit any personality or situation.
  • Close the gap between current and desired performance for poor performance.
  • Demonstrate effective communication styles and constructive feedback.
  • Learn techniques for providing effective feedback during a coaching session.
  • Be clear, specific and consistent — make sure your words, body-language, and tone all reflect the same message.
  • Challenge your best employees to reach higher levels of performance.
  • Use a 9-Step Coaching model to lead you easily through the coaching process.
  • Obstacles to coaching: fear, triggers and control.
  • How to be confident in the face of a difficult challenge.


Who should attend?

Coaching Techniques is perfect for every supervisor, manager or team leader who is new, inexperienced or seasoned (perfect to upgrade skills).