Aspiring Leadership

Create an atmosphere of teamwork, commitment, openness and productivity.

This inspiring program equips leaders with proven supervisory techniques that will build and maintain a dynamic team.  The tools and strategies will raise managerial confidence while increasing teamwork, communication, motivation, and productivity.


Participants will learn:

  • How to best integrate new people into the work environment.
  • Techniques for building the best team (utilizing the Form, Storm, Norm, Perform Model).
  • Learning/Communication styles that help bridge the gap with others.
  • Valuable win-win communication techniques.
  • How to apply the best supervisory style to each situation (and individual).
  • Successful delegation by applying situational leadership methods.
  • Effective ways to defuse negativity and conflict before it escalates.
  • Techniques for creating a motivating environment.
  • How to optimize time as a critical resource.
  • Coaching techniques for high-quality performance.
  • When and how to apply feedback to bring out the best in others.